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Gelson Osteopathic
For all your aches, pains and sporting injuries.

Welcome to the Gelson Osteopathic Clinic website.

The clinic has had a presence in the Tyne Valley since 1975 and has been situated in Corbridge since 1994. The clinic was set up to offer Osteopathy and Acupuncture but over the years we have expanded to offer a wider range of therapies aimed at helping achieve both pain relief and optimal health.




Gelson Osteopathic

What we do.

Although osteopaths treat many conditions, most people think of us as 'back specialists'. Back pain is what many osteopaths treat a lot of the time.

Osteopathic treatment does not target symptoms only but treats the parts of the body that have caused the symptoms. Osteopaths have a holistic approach and believe that your whole body will work well if your body is in good structural balance.

Imagine, for example, a car that has one of its front wheels not quite pointing straight. It may run well for a while, but after a few thousand miles, the tyre will wear out. You can apply this example to the human body, which is why it is so important to keep the body in good balance.



Can They Help Me?

Around 30,000 people currently consult osteopaths every working day.

Osteopaths use a wide range of gentle manipulations, depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis.

Treatment is different for every patient but may include techniques such as different types of soft tissue massage and joint articulation to release tension, stretch muscles, help relieve pain and mobilise your joints. Sometimes, when we move joints you may hear a 'click'. This is just like the click people get when they crack their knuckles.

We may discuss exercises that you can do to improve your posture and movement in your workplace and everyday life.

  • There are currently 4,261 osteopaths in the UK

Conditions We Treat

the most common conditions we treat are:

Arthritic pain
Neck ache
Rheumatic pain
Circulatory problems
Digestion problems
Minor sports injuries
Back pain
Joint pains

However, patients have found Osteopathy helpful for many other conditions.

If you would like to know more we'd be happy to talk with you.


Patient Testimonial

" I recently hurt my back playing Rugby, after a day of agony my wife suggested I try the Gelson Osteopathic Clinic just down the road in Corbridge. I'm so glad I did, the treatment was fantastic! Highly recommended."

-John Swindale - Hexham, Northumberland

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Telephone: 01434 - 632427
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Address: The Gelson Osteopathic Clinic, 4 Tynedale Mews, Corbridge, Northumberland.