Physiotherapy at Gelson Osteopathic

Physiotherapy with Juliet Sanders is based on the philosophy that evidenced based practice can work with the body’s natural healing capabilities to enhance healing and restore function. In addition by exploring specific rehabilitation programmes improvements are maintained, full potential realised and ‘beautiful movement’ experienced.

Juliet will identify the causes of movement dysfunction and maximise a patient’s potential through the treatment of pain, rehabilitation after injury and education to prevent future problems.

To determine your optimum treatment plan, Juliet will identify the root cause of your problem through careful observation and examination of the way you move, as well as testing joints, muscles and tendons in the area for stiffness or pain.

Juliet is an expert in musculoskeletal assessment, and very experienced in a wide range of physiotherapy techniques and treatments, including Laser, ultrasound and interferential therapy.

After treatment, you will be given a long term solution with exercise regimes to help you stay mobile and pain free without the need for ongoing treatment.

Bespoke exercises that are fun, engaging and effective will form an integral part of the treatment session. These are based on the JEMS® principles of working with our bodies to achieve new ways of moving with more control, less effort and a better outcome, to boost physical resilience and improve performance.

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There is no fixed duration for an appointment although they are generally in the region of 20 minutes. Conditions vary considerably in the amount of time they require. Please remember that what is achieved inside the consulting room is only a proportion of the Osteopath’s work. It is necessary for Osteopaths to keep relevant notes, communicate with GPs, review hospital X-rays and Scans, write reports, liaise with our staff and upgrade our skills.


I'd suffered whiplash after a bump in the car, it was agony to move! But after a short set of treatments at Gelson's clinic I was feeling normal again...

- Jane Thompson, Hexham